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Insight : We live in the most connected era in history. Where the line between real and digital life continues to blur. Where we live life through our cell phones instead of in real life.

To launch the new American Express campaign, “Don’t live life without it”, we created an immersive multi-sensory installation. Where all the things you normally like and scroll past every day became real.


We identify the most 4 liked #hagstags of Instagram we brought them to life so people could actually live life in real life.


#Food #Travel #Selfie #Puppies


The results 789,000 Instagram engagements, 1.91 billion campaign impressions, and the experience were global in many other countries. 


The journey was a metaphor of what we do when we navigate through the internet. The waiting area was a buffering room, and each different experience was connected by tunnels which lead you to a real size Instagram feed. 


We brought a rainforest inspired by a popular destination in Costa Rica. We filled the room with real plants creating organic photo moments throughout.. 


We created the Amex Cafe Automat. We designed a wall of tablets where people could reach into the internet and have some of those viral foods they've always wanted to try. 


We created an over-size puppy room and brought rescue puppies that were looking for homes, and 6 of them actually got adopted. 

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